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Marc Adams Collaboration

Marc Adams Collaboration

 11/13/2019 |  Views:173 |  Posted by: Hot Shop Valpo |  2 Minutes, 9 Seconds

Hot Shop Valpo and Marc Adams School of Woodworking joined forces to provide students more curriculum. Marc, owner of Marc Adams School of Woodworking, dreamed of branching into the art of glass blowing when he first started his woodworking school. Dave and Bryan Lee, of Hot Shop Valpo, turned Marc’s dream into reality.

According to Marc, he wasn’t going to settle for ordinary. He needed to find the right facility, equipment, and knowledgeable instructors. Marc found that and more within Hot Shop Valpo. He stated that Dave and Bryan are two of the most talented instructors he’s ever encountered. It was a perfect match and Marc Adams School of Woodworking now enriches their curriculum with glass blowing.

Dave and Bryan are excited to have more students fill the workshop. According to Dave, the partnership allows glass blowing to have a farther reach. Dave is passionate about glass blowing and wants to educate anyone who is curious about the ancient art.

Marc Adams School of Woodworking is a highly esteemed institution and has students from all over the globe. Students chose Marc Adams School to expand their artistic knowledge and experiences and the glassblowing addition has been a wonderful fit. For Dave, it is thrilling to be in the company of the world’s best instructors.

“It is humbling to be teaching side by side with the best craftsmen and craftswomen in the world,” Dave said.

Dave and Bryan sell their beautiful creations, fulfill custom orders, and do large projects for institutions, like universities and hospitals. While they passionate about creating art, Dave and Bryan also love to teach. They enjoy sharing their knowledge with people who want to learn something new. It is fulfilling to witness people grow creatively.

“Being able to touch people’s lives with art is truly a joy”

Dave and Bryan help their students step outside their comfort zone. Working with 2200 degree glass makes some people understandably nervous. According to Dave, the father son team loves watching students conquer their fears. They also love helping others to harness their creativity in this challenging and ancient art form.

“We recently had an 86-year-old gentleman take our class at MASW,” Dave said. “To see someone at that age yearning to experience and learn is inspiring. Being able to fulfill his aspirations will be something Bryan and I will never forget.”

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Hot Shop Valpo is an open studio. We welcome folks to come in to visit and experience what we do. If you plan to come by please call ahead to ensure we will be working as we do keep “artist hours”. We offer private and semi-private classes ranging from beginner to advanced. For artists who have completed glass blowing matriculation courses through HSV or other studios, we offer bench rental space. All equipment is included with the bench. Simply bring your own color and creativity and the rest is up to you. Please visit our gallery (under construction) for one of a kind art glass created in our studio. Our work is also in various galleries around NW Indiana and Michigan. If you don’t see something that you love, let us know. We can create custom work matching colors, styles, etc. Everything from small table top pieces to commercial installations. We love to collaborate with clients as well as other artists.